Poetry Corner

This semester, I’m taking a creative writing paper at uni. It’s very exciting, because I’m finally getting a chance to actually write.

This blog was originally the blog of a writer. But then I stopped writing, so the blog changed. Now I want to go back to the beginning just a little, and post what I’ve been writing.

To begin, we’re doing poetry. I’ve dabbled before, mainly to express negative emotions. But I’ve never written a poem based on a prompt before, which is what we’ve been doing.

So today I’m going to share three poems with you. For each one, I’ll explain the prompt before sharing the poem, so that things make a bit more sense. Please be aware that these are basically straight from my brain to the paper – no editing or anything, other than making a couple of wording changes. If I get a good response to this post, then I might make this a regular thing.

Poem One: Tumbleweed

Prompt: write a poem inspired by a word/words from a large list, beginning with the line “my real name is…”. I selected the word tumbleweed.

My real name is tumbleweed
I drift
I float
I roll with the breeze
I never stick around
You always see me passing by
In a desolate place
I wish I could stay

Poem Two: Mockery Soul

Prompt:¬†write a poem inspired by a word/words from a large list, beginning with the line “yesterday my name was…”. I selected the words mockery and soul. (Not sure if I should actually put a warning here or something, but this one mentions darker topics).

Yesterday my name was mockery soul
I stood on the fringes
Always judging
I would laugh in your face
I tore you down
When you thought you were alone
I was there
Sometimes a whisper
Often a scream
I never left

Yesterday my name was mockery soul
Today my name is depression
Tomorrow my name will be death

Poem Three: The Ocean

Prompt: This one is more complicated. We were told to write a poem describing an image in the outdoors that was a metaphor for a feeling without using abstract concepts. We were not allowed to use adverbs, and could only use a couple of adjectives.

A quiet sea
No sign of waves on the horizon
A breeze
Blowing through my hair
Carrying the scent of the ocean
I glance out
There’s a ripple
A wave
Drumming in my ears
Rushing towards me
I can see it coming
But there’s no time to run
No escape
It all comes crashing down
I shiver as the water hits my skin
Taste the saltiness as I’m swept off my feet
Lungs burning
Arms and legs flailing
Searching for land
Finding none

That last one probably deserves a bit more explanation. I chose to describe the experience of finding out that my grandfather had passed away (this happened more than three years ago) – the peaceful sleep I was in, a slight disturbance, knowing as soon as I saw my mum’s face but not being able to avoid hearing it, everything crashing down. It’s quite specific to my experience, but it’s also vague enough to represent any number of experiences.

So… Those are my poems. I feel rather exposed right now, but maybe this will help with the whole writing process.

This is not so that I can get feedback, necessarily. It’s more of an opportunity for me to share something with you. And I’d love to know if you’d want to see more of this, or if you hate it completely.

For now, I have assignments to finish.

Tessa Ann