Two Weeks Without Facebook | Motley Monday

Two weeks ago, Facebook and Snapchat got deleted off my phone. 

It was not deliberate. I was running out of storage, so I put in an SD card which didn’t work, and, in the process, Facebook and Snapchat got deleted, and I don’t have enough storage to reinstall them. 

In an effort to waste less time, I decided to see if I could live without them, so I didn’t try and make space. I have spent the last two weeks completely Snapchat free, and only using Facebook on browser on my phone and the computer. 

So how’s it been? 

Let’s start with Snapchat. I miss it, mainly because I miss seeing random life updates from my friends. But I’d had it for less than a year, so it’s been quite easy to live without it. It wasn’t something that I ever wasted too much time on to begin with, but not having it has surely saved some time. 

And Facebook. Like I said, I have been using it on the browser on my phone and on the computer, but I find both of these much less user friendly than the app, so I’ve spent way less time with it. Instead of wasting hours scrolling through mindless posts, I’ve been going on once every day or so for a couple of minutes, mainly to check notifications. 

It’s been both good and bad. I’ve definitely been saving a lot of time, which has been great, especially starting uni. I still have Messenger, so I can still message people. 

But I definitely miss it. I don’t ever listen to or watch the news, so Facebook used to be my only source of news. Now, I hardly ever hear any news. I also miss seeing what my friends are posting. I went to visit a friend of mine, and didn’t know that she’d dyed her hair blue. What made it stranger was that my mum knew before I did. I miss seeing that kind of thing. 

But it’s been a good experience, and I don’t see myself reinstalling either app any time soon. Partially because I don’t have the storage, but also because I think it’s been good for me. 

Now I want to challenge you to go a week or so without using an app that you know you waste too much time on. Spend that time doing more important things. If, after a week, you feel like you can live without it for a while longer, then do so. Honestly, you may surprise yourself. 

Tessa Ann


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