It Is Over

It is over. 

On Tuesday last week, I attended my last ever Girls’ Brigade breakup as a Girls’ Brigader. Most people finish when they are 17, but since I was on new medication for my heart in 2014, I didn’t go that year, meaning that I finished this year instead of last year. I’ll be going back next year as a leader, but my twelve years of being a Girls’ Brigader are finished. 

It is over. 

On Thursday last week, I put on my school uniform for the last time – the same one that I’ve worn for the last seven years. I went to school and sat my last exam. As I packed up and left, that was it. Seven years at that school – and thirteen years of schooling all together – were finished. I never have to go back again. 

It is over. 

Last night was the youth group ball, the same one that I’ve attended every year for the last six years. In the same hall at the same church, with some of the same people but lots of new ones. I remember my first ball, knowing nobody and feeling so awkward and alone. Five years later, and I’m surrounded by friends, but it’s for the last time as a youth member. I’d love to be a leader one day, but that was my last youth group ball. The very last youth group event that I will ever attend as a youth member. 

It is over. 

Those three things have been some of the most significant parts of my life for years. And in the space of a week and a half, they have all finished for me. Last GB breakup. Last time going to school. Last youth event. All over, just like that. At the start of the year, I knew that this year was going to be the one where they all ended for me, but I didn’t consider how quickly that would actually come. And now, they are over. 

Cherish all that you have and do, my friends. Don’t let them slip away. 

Tessa Ann 


2 thoughts on “It Is Over

  1. That’s the tough part of the transition phase. There’s something to look forward to, yes- but always something lost.

    or, if you want to look at things from another angle:

    So many familiar things are over, and that’s bitter. But there’s still more to come, and that’s sweet.


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