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I kinda forgot that I had a blog for a while there. I was supposed to do this post last week, but I was sick and feeling lazy so I didn’t. And now I’m writing this at 1:30am, right after reading the first book in A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I’ve read the first one or two before, but never the entire series, so I’m reading them all now. I’m ignoring the fact that I’m nearly double the recommended age. 

Anyways, this post it about my trip. First thing on the agenda: where did I go? Well, despite the wonderful response of two or three guesses (which were great guesses, and much appreciated), no one guessed correctly. The correct answer was Fiji. It’s smaller than New Zealand in basically every way possible, f is in the first half of the alphabet, the flight from Wellington to Nadi was three and a half hours, and the natural disaster was Cyclone Winston, back in February. 

I’m just going to tell you about everything in chronological order, starting in last November. 

In November, my youth pastor first mentioned the trip, and I was very keen. I, along with nine other youth group members and three leaders, signed up for the trip, and we began preparing and fundraising. The purpose of the trip was to experience the culture and share our faith. 

In February, when Winston hit, we considered postponing the trip. When we established that it would still be possible, just different, we decided to individually choose whether or not to remain on the team, and we all did. 

Exactly two weeks before we were supposed to leave, I found out that I had a medical issue that would most likely prevent me from going. Rather than pulling out then and there, I remained on the team, and got many people to pray for healing for me. Three days before we left, the doctor said that he was happy for me to go, as long as we found travel insurance to cover it, which we managed to get. 

So, on the 7th of July, we packed up all our gear and flew to Nadi. We stayed in Nadi for two nights, at the house of a pastor, before leaving early on the Saturday to travel to the highlands of Rakiraki. Multiple bus/car/truck rides later, we arrived in the village that we stayed in for ten nights, which was in Rakiraki, and had between 100 and 200 people. We stayed in the homes of people there. I was staying with the local bus (bus is a stretch – it was a truck that they called a bus) driver, his wife, their three year old twin daughters, and their nearly two year old son, who was quite sick, and had been since January. 

For ten days, we lived in this village. The boys helped to repair the roof of a church, while us girls chopped firewood, picked taro leaves, picked up rubbish, and did other general little things. As a big group, we planted a cassava plantation and went down to the local primary school to help out a couple of times. We attended church both Sundays – 2 & 1/2 hour long church services in primarily a different language and very hot temperatures (we had come from a New Zealand winter, which is quite cold, to temperatures like those of a hot New Zealand summer). We ate on the floor, used their minimal bathrooms (my house had an outdoor flushing toilet and a (cold) shower, which was not the case for many people), and washed our clothes by hand. We spent a lot of time withwith the kids. Many of us got sick. I ended up sleeping for the majority of three days. 

After the ten days were up, we got up way before the sun to travel back to Nadi for our last two nights. We basically just relaxed and did a little bit of touristy stuff, before heading home on the Thursday. 

And that is a basic summary of the trip. However, I do plan on doing another post about it at some point. At the end of this month, the team who went to Fiji is running church, and I’m speaking as part of that. I think I might put my speech on here, so you can get more of an idea about what the experience was like for me. 

But for now, this is my post about the trip. I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about it! 

My first alarm goes off in four and a half hours. Oh joy. 

Tessa Ann 


2 thoughts on “Post Trip Stuff | Motley Monday

    • It was pretty incredible, in the end! Very stressful, but it made me feel even more grateful to have been able to go.
      I’ll definitely put that up when I’ve written it!


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