Guess Where I Am! Clue #4

Today’s the day that I fly home (I think I arrive back in NZ just as this gets published). It’s also the day that I give you your final clue. 

Clue #4: The country recently experienced some kind of natural disaster. 

Recently = within the last year. When applied with all the other clues, this one should give it away. In fact, I think I’ll limit you to one guess on this one, because I think you should get it easily. 

Happy guessing! 

Tessa Ann 


Guess Where I Am! Clue #3

Here’s your third clue. I wonder if anyone has guessed it yet. 

Clue #3: My flight from New Zealand to the country was less than ten hours. 

Ten hours is a long time. But New Zealand is kinda far away from everything, so you can’t get very far in ten hours. Remember, you can guess twice on this post, and don’t forget to use the first clues to help you. 

Happy guessing! 

Tessa Ann 

Guess Where I Am! Clue #2

So I was planning on writing actual posts for these next three (including some tags), but I completely ran out of time, so instead they will be brief, simply with the clue for the guessing competition thing. Regular posts will come back on the 25th.

Clue #2: The country is smaller than New Zealand. 

Smaller in what way? Area? Population? Name length? All three? You’ll have to figure that out for yourself. Remember, you can guess twice on this post, and don’t forget to use the first clue to help you. 

Happy guessing! 

Tessa Ann 

Competition: Guess Where I Am! | Motley Monday

So I am not currently in my home country. 

And it is very exciting. 

I have gone, with members of my youth group, to a country somewhere outside of New Zealand, to do missions work in this country. I left on Thursday, and get back on Thursday next week. 

Instead of telling you where I’ve gone, I thought it would be fun to play a little game. The rules are as follows:

  • I have written and scheduled four posts for while I’m away, and each post will have a clue about where I am. 
  • You will probably need to combine clues to get it, just a heads up. So don’t expect to get it straight away. 
  • You can guess twice per post. 
  • There will be a prize (probably a souvenir from the country and a little NZ thing as well) for the person who correctly guesses first, but only if enough people guess. It’s kinda lame if only one or two people participate.
  • Because I’m a really nice person, this is open internationally. 
  • The winner will be announced on Monday the 25th of July, so you have until then to ponder the clues. 

I should probably give you the first clue. 

Clue #1: The name of the country starts with a letter in the first half of the alphabet. 

Not very helpful, right? It will be more helpful when you have more clues. Plus, it rules out approximately half of the possible countries, and you can use common sense to rule out some others. 

Happy guessing! 

Tessa Ann 

Mid Year Update | Motley Monday

I apologize if this has any weird font changes or colours in it. WordPress is being weird. 

At the start of the year, I made a list of goals for the year. I thought that since we’re halfway through the year, I’d update you on how I’m going with those, and also discuss something about The List. 

Tessa Ann’s 2016 Goals Update:

Graduate high school (hopefully with excellence). This hasn’t happened yet, because graduation isn’t until November, but I’ve somehow managed to only get excellence credits so far this year, which is nothing short of a miracle. 

Turn 18. Getting closer every day. 

Do more Queen’s Award stuff. Yup. I’ve finished three different tasks already (one of them last Thursday), and all that’s left of this year is the huge assignment that I haven’t started yet. 

Take as many opportunities as possible, while still keeping on top of everything. Yes and no. I’ve done some things that I hadn’t done before, but I also turned down others due to time and that kind of thing. I’m happy with what I’ve done for this, though. 

Try new things, like busking. I did this twice in January, and it was heaps of fun. Exhausting, but fun. As for other new things, I’ve done a few, but nothing too extravagant. Although I did discover that I like prawns. 

Maintain a tidy room. Mmm. It’s tidier than it was this time last year (and the mess is semi organized), but I should probably work on that. 

Practice flute more. Ha. No. I haven’t played in about three weeks, which is interesting, considering that I have a lesson every week. I need to practice more. 

Keep on top of my schoolwork. Sometimes this has been a yes, and other times (like currently), it has been a no. Maybe a slight improvement on last year, but not good enough. 

Procrastinate less. Same as the last one. Right now, it’s a definite no. I need to stop procrastinating. 

Go to Easter Camp. Yes. I went. It was stellar. 

Go on Year 13 camp. It was also stellar. So much fun. 

Do a super exciting thing that involves a country I’ve never been to before. If all goes well, this happens on Thursday. If it doesn’t go well, which is currently entirely possible, it will not be happening at all. You’ll find out more about this at a later date (next Monday, probably) . 

Have two more surgeries. Currently haven’t had any, although the first one should be soon, and it’s probable that I’ll be having a third one as well. 

Enjoy my last year of high school. So far, so good. There’s been some drama, as there always is, but overall it’s been a great year so far. 

Finish Girls’ Brigade. Also happening in November. 

Write something, even if it’s just a little something. Other than the stuff we’ve written for English, I haven’t yet. Although I’m quite proud of my English stuff. Annnd I’ve had an idea sitting in my brain for a while now that needs to happen. I just need to figure out how. 

Read lots of books. First month of the year? Great. Other months? Not so great. My Goodreads goal is 150, and I’m currently just over the halfway mark, which is where I’m supposed to be. However, about a third of those were in January.

Continue blogging. More sporadically than I’d hoped, but I’m still doing it, so I’d say I’m achieving this one. 

Get closer to God. There has been improvement in that area, but I know there’s room for more. 

And now, we talk about The List. 

So the aim of The List was for me to read this huge list of 100 books in one year, right? Well, from February (when I started doing it) til now, I’ve read 20 of them. 

Oh man. That’s even less than I thought. 

Before February, I think I’d read 15 of them. Which brings me to a grand total of 35, when I should be at 50. 

If only I’d come up with the idea in early January. I could’ve read heaps. 

Looking at the rest of the year, I can’t see any possible way to finish this, unless I cut all procrastination, and become a hermit in late November after exams finish, and just read for five or six weeks straight. 

Which wouldn’t be a good idea, since I should probably get a job or something. 

So, with that being said, I’m going to make this more of a long term project. This list is going to become the ultimate 100 Books To Read Before You Die list. I will read all of the books on the original one that I wrote, as well as any that I left off due to length or personal preference (*cough* LOTR *cough*). Eventually, I will have a personal list of books that I think everyone should read, based on the effect that they had on me. 

But that’s long term. As for short term, I’ll still post updates on it; they’ll just be less frequent, and the reviewy bits will be a bit longer. I still aim to finish Les Mis this year, and I’ll still try and get a significant portion of the books read. Maybe I’ll aim for 75 by the end of the year instead of all 100. I don’t know. 

But that’s what’s happening. With life, and with books. 

How’s everyone else feeling about it being July? I’m personally a bit freaked out. Graduation is in just over (like one day) three months. Which is scary. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this update. Anyone got anything exciting that they want to update me on? Let me know! 

Tessa Ann