Why I Hate Winter | Motley Monday


I have this list of post ideas, but none of them were working for me tonight, so instead you get a rant about winter.

For a very large portion of the world, you are entering summer. Long, hot days are in the months ahead.

Those of us in New Zealand (and other Southern Hemisphere countries) are not so fortunate. We are a week and a bit away from winter. And I am not happy.

I know a whole bunch of people love winter. I do not. I do not understand why you would. It is horrible. And today, I’m going to tell you why.

> It’s cold
I don’t like the cold. It makes me miserable.

> It’s wet
Which is the absolute worst when you have glasses.

> We don’t get snow where I live
Snow is pretty. Snow can be fun. I might enjoy winter more if we got some snow. But we don’t. We did. Once. Five years ago. And that was the first time since the 1930s or something. Rain is nothing compared to snow. You can’t have a rainball fight, build a rainman, or make rain angels.

> I get freakishly cold hands
I don’t know if this is some medical thing, but in winter, my hands (especially my right) become like ice, and sometimes they refuse to warm up, even with gloves on. It’s not very pleasant or enjoyable.

> Getting up when it is freezing is not fun
It’s hard enough to get me out of bed, but when my bed is warm and the world is cold, it becomes nearly impossible.

> Winter = flu vaccines
My mum is a very strong advocate for the flu vaccine. Last year, I refused to get it, because I hate needles. This year, it was basically forced upon me, because I was getting two other vaccines at the same time. (Side note: having two vaccines in your left arm and one is your right is horrible. My left arm was so sore, so I’d overcompensate, forget that my right arm had also had a vaccine, and make that arm sore too. Gahh that was an awful couple of days.)

> It’s just miserable and gloomy
Ugh. It depresses me. Winter sucks.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who hates winter.

I’m insanely jealous of the Northern Hemisphere right now.

Tessa Ann


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