It’s been literally eight hours since I posted saying that I was taking a blogging hiatus for a couple of weeks, yet here I am.

I just thought I’d update you on two things.

1. I got the WordPress app on my phone, so that might help with consistent posting? I don’t know.

2. You know all that busyness I’ve been moaning about? Well, I finished the last of my assessments today. Everything was done on time, and to a standard that I’m happy with. I didn’t have to stay up late to finish anything. And my Queen’s Award? That has turned out so much better (and easier and less stressful) than I anticipated, and I’m over the moon right now. I even have time to read.

There you have it, folks. I’m so stoked about everything being done, and I’m looking forward to a week or two of camps.

The year of Tessa is off to a great start.

Tessa Ann


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