Bookish Complaints | Motley Monday


My apologies for the sparse posting and unexplained absences. There will be about another two weeks ish where posting may not be as regular as I like, but you shall be warned beforehand.

And before I begin, here’s a list of what I have to do this week:

1. 2/3 of a Bible assignment (due Friday)
2. 1/4 of the practical and all of the theory for a Chemistry assignment (also due Friday)
3. Write an entire play script (first draft) for a Classics assignment (due Thursday)
4. Finish cross stitching a bookmark
5. Write a report about these bookmarks that I’ve been cross stitching
6. Pack for camp
7. Continue with all other life commitments (Bible study, GB, tutoring, youth group, church, etc etc)

So that’s what I’ve got going on.

I’m gonna die.

So today’s post is about book related complaints. It’s a mixture of complaints to do with people and complaints to do with life. I’m not sure how this is going to turn out.

1. A lack of money
This is probably one of my biggest complaints when it comes to books. I see people buying book after book after book, when they’re my age or younger, and I’m like “How the heck do you have the money for this? Where is your money tree and where do I get one?” I do not understand. Teach me your ways so that I can buy books also. Seriously, the last time I bought a book for myself was… I can’t even remember. Oh my goodness I think it was more than a year ago. My life is so sad.

2. A lack of time
This is my other biggest complaints. You people who seem to read heaps of books at a very fast rate and still do life – how? I guess in some ways I am one of them, but when I see the stacks that people are reading, my brain explodes with thinking about how much I have to do and how little time I have.

3. Shelf envy
Everyone has such gorgeous book shelves. I follow about a dozen ish bookstagram accounts, and their shelves are all so amazing (and they have so many brand new books and again where is this money coming from?). Seriously. This is what happens when I search #shelfie on Instagram.


Random account that I follow. @readsleepfangirl Absolutely no reason for choosing this account, other than that amazing shelfie.

And honestly, this is all of my complaints in one photo. ALSO YES THAT IS 12:35 AT NIGHT. LESS THAN TWELVE HOURS BEFORE THIS POST GOES UP. NO WONDER I’M GETTING ANGRY.

4. Hardcovers
This is making me angry. I don’t understand the world and its hardcovers. Yes, they look gorgeous, but they’re so flipping expensive. Like double the price. And when you have no money to begin with, then it kinda doesn’t work in your favour. Also they’re so heavy. Other than my collection of classics from my grandmother, I own three hardcovers. I’m jealous of everyone with hardcovers because they look so lovely but also I don’t understand when you can get the exact same book for half the price aND IT’S MAKING MY HEAD SPIN.

5. ARCs
PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS LIKE YES I HAVE SO MANY ARCS TO READ AND I’M LIKE HOW ON EARTH? WHERE DO YOU GET THEM FROM? CAN I HAVE SOME? OH WAIT. NO I CAN’T. PEOPLE DON’T CARE TO SEND THEM TO NEW ZEALAND. I’VE LOOKED. Why is the entire bookish world so discriminatory against most places that aren’t America? Which brings me to my next point.

6. The lack of New Zealand in books
I’ve seriously read two chapter books set in my lovely country. One was weird and fantasy, so it barely even counts as being set here, and the other was just plain old terrible. I feel discriminated against.

7. The sad lack of books in my library
I’ve complained about this before. Out of my 300ish book TBR on Goodreads, my library has approximately 50 (give or take) of them. It’s pathetic. I love my library, but I don’t love its lack of the books that I want to read.

I seem to always do lists with seven points, despite my dislike for the number seven (prime number with no pattern. Ugh), so I’ll stop there. There’s another point that I could make, but I’m doing an entire post on it (that I’m really excited about) in a few weeks, so I’ll save it for then.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t write these late at night, because apparently I get angry.

What’s your biggest book-related complaint? Do books ever make you angry? Also, semi unrelated, what would you put in a fangirling kit? What kind of things do you think are necessary for fangirling? I’m plotting for a friend’s birthday present and need some suggestions.


Tessa Ann


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