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Today, I shall be sharing some thoughts about spoilers. It’ll be random, I’m warning you now.

The first time that I encountered spoilers was in Year 9. I was reading the Anne Of Green Gables series, and I was up to the seventh book (out of nine). My friend came along while I was reading, and she said, “[Person] dies.” I protested at that. “What do you mean? How is that possible? [Insert reasons why they shouldn’t/couldn’t]. Why did you tell me that?” “Oh, they don’t die until the last book, when [thing] happens.” I was devastated. Not only were they one of my favourite characters, but I couldn’t believe that she’d spoiled it for me. When I finally got up to that part in the series, I cried and refused to read for a day, shoving the book in a drawer.


We seem to care a lot about spoilers. When the new Star Wars came out, everyone was so insistent that people didn’t spoil it. After I read Divergent, I posted a photo on Instagram, and then spent a while scouring the Divergent hashtag. Someone had posted a photo that spoiled the ending of the entire series in one sentence (and also tore my heart to pieces, the way that it was written). I was so mad. How could someone post that?

But why do we care? If we intend to read the book or watch the movie, we’ll eventually know what happens anyway, so it really doesn’t matter all that much.

However, there’s one thing that I’m forgetting. The thrill of being in the moment and experiencing it for yourself for the very first time. It’s something that can only happen once, and you can never get the feeling back. As soon as you know what happens, whether it’s some big important thing, or just something small, you’re never going to get the chance to experience those raw emotions again. When someone spoils something for you, they are taking away that experience from you. Yes, I was upset when the character in the Anne Of Green Gables died, but I would have cried even hard if I hadn’t seen it coming. I would have gasped and sobbed. My friend took those raw emotions and that experience away from me.

What I truly don’t understand is why someone would want to spoil something for someone else. Sure, sometimes it’s a mistake, but deliberately going out of your way to destroy that experience? That’s just heartless and cruel. Being shocked by an event in a book or movie is one of the greatest things in the world, and I can’t understand why people would take that away.

What do you think? Do we make too much of a big deal over spoilers? Does it even matter? Have you ever spoiled something for someone? When was something spoiled for you? I’m intrigued to hear other opinions on this matter, if anyone else even cares.

BTW our household now has five people living in it again. We got our exchange student yesterday. He’s from Thailand, and will now be known as The Thai One.

Tessa Ann


3 thoughts on “Spoilers | Motley Monday

  1. I hate spoilers. I think it sucks the worst when you’re reading a series that’s been completely finished and most people have already read it and so they post something or mention something that happens and it just completely ruins the entire series for you. And it’s never some small side thing, it’s always a major part of the story. So no, I don’t think we make too much of a deal about spoilers. All of the plot twists and turns are what make stories great, and if you spoil that for someone then you’ve just ruined their reading experience.


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