Cinderella | Song Of The Week


Alrighty. This week’s song will probably make you cry, and if it doesn’t, you are probably heartless.

My friend introduced me to this song while I was visiting her in Australia a couple of years ago, and then she told me the story behind it and I started bawling.

So the singer, Steven Curtis Chapman, had three kids, a girl and two boys, before he and his wife adopted three little girls from China. He wrote this song about his daughters, because, one night while working, he pushed aside his daughters’ requests to dance, choosing to focus on his work instead. He later realized that this was the wrong choice, when he considered that his oldest daughter had just gotten engaged and wasn’t his little girl anymore. So he wrote this song about dancing with Cinderella, because he knew that someday soon, the clock would strike midnight and she’d be gone.

Pretty sweet, right?

But then, a few months (I think?) later, his younger son was driving into the driveway, when he accidentally ran over the youngest of the adopted girls,  who’d run out to meet him. She was killed, not long after her fifth birthday, and on the day that they were planning on celebrating the other son’s graduation and the daughter’s engagement.

Think about that when you listen to it. You shall cry like I did.

BUT IT GETS WORSE. I’m sharing it this week because I was reading a book on Wednesday, I think (I’ve read so many books lately that the days have started to blur), and one of the main characters chose not to dance with his nine year old daughter when she asked him to. Not long after, she was killed in a car accident, and they played this song at her funeral. CUE THE TEARS. SERIOUSLY. I cried so hard. I won’t tell you what the book is, because spoilers, but oh man I cried.

Anyways. Be prepared to cry your heart out. Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman.

Also I love the music video. It’s gorgeous.


Tessa Ann


2 thoughts on “Cinderella | Song Of The Week

  1. I listened to this song so much when I was little, and my best friend’s dead liked it when I sang it for him. And I remember when we heard about the accident and the little girl dying, and yeah, the song got so much sadder.


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