God Moments | Thursday’s Thoughts


Today’s post is brought to you by time travel and blog travel.

Or something like that.

This week’s thought is a lot deeper and more personal than normal. It’s also not on this blog.

Sarah, from the blog The Power, does guest posts every Friday, and I am her guest poster this week! The post is about God Moments and how they’ve affected my relationship with God. The post is linked here, and the other link just goes straight to her blog’s home page, in case you’re reading this in the future. She has a really awesome blog, which I’ve loved reading over the past few months.

Thing is, the post was put up on Friday, which is Saturday my time, so I’m manipulating this post so that it posts on Thursday, but really, Thursday has been and gone. Hence the time travel.

Why are you still here? You should be reading Sarah’s blog.

Tessa Ann


4 thoughts on “God Moments | Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. I read your guest post, and I really liked it! I think it was really brave of you to share your past (and present) struggles, and I think you’re definitely wise beyond your years. 🙂


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