Cinderella | Flashback Friday


First off, a massive welcome and thank you to all of my new readers and commenters over the last few days! And shout out to Aimee, who mentioned me in her post on Wednesday! I tried to comment on it, but if you saw my post on Monday, you’ll know that technology and I don’t get along, especially in regards to comments. But I will sort that soon.

I’ve mentioned a couple of times over the last week that the current theme running around is fairytale retellings. Right now, we are in the second week of three, when I share the few retellings that I’ve written over the years. This week is Cinderella. I wrote this one when I was six. I have no idea why it is called Cinderella, since it doesn’t really relate at all to the original, but hey, I was six! So, here you go. My version of Cinderella from ten years ago. I’ve added paragraphs again, so it isn’t just a random chunk of writing.


One cold, spring day, Cinderella got an invitation from the prince. She wasn’t only invited to the ball, but she was also invited to the prince’s house! She was so excited! Cinderella said to her maids, “Quick, go and get the most beautiful ball gown! Make sure it is gold and puffed sleeves! Make sure it has a yellow collar and yellow edges of the sleeves.”
Then the maids said, “You must be the prince’s wife.”

The next day, it was the day of the ball. Cinderella’s dress was ready. When she was ready, the prince was waiting outside in his carriage. Then the prince said, “Let’s take the quick way.” So they did. When they had been over the bridge, there was still river. Cinderella and the prince were very, very, very, very worried!

The maids were fairies and they were going with the prince and Cinderella. The fairies thought and thought so so much but they couldn’t make a plan. They had thought for three hours when finally the youngest one said, “I know, let’s make the bridge longer with our magic.” So that’s what they did. Well, they tried to, but they made it smaller, so the carriage fell into the river.

Then the fairies had to think again. This time it took six hours. Again, it was the youngest fairy, but this time the plan was to magic the carriage out. But it just went down deeper. So they had to think again! The youngest fairy worked it out again! She said “The spells work the opposite way we tell them to! So if we say go deeper, the carriage will come up to where it was before!” So they tried it. It worked, and eventually they got there.

The prince married Cinderella, and they lived happily ever after.

The end.

My goodness. That was… something else. I don’t have words for that.

Come back next Friday for a second retelling of The Three Billy Goats Gruff, this time written when I was twelve-ish. It may or may not feature a village of karate masters.

I’m not even kidding.

Tessa Ann


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