Holly and Dolly Save Christmas | Flashback Friday

Welcome to the very first Flashback Friday! This is where I share some writing or artwork or something from when I was younger. I had a very active imagination as a kid, so this could get interesting.

I thought I’d kick off Flashback Friday with a story I wrote for school when I was nine. Feel free to laugh your head off at it, and ponder what on earth I was thinking as you read. I’ve typed this up almost exactly as it was written in my book, with the only changes being grammatical.

Holly and Dolly Save Christmas

“What?!” I was shocked. “Where is it?” I was staring at where the Christmas Crystal usually is.

Oops! I haven’t introduced myself! My name’s Holly, and I’m a mermaid. I’m 10 years old and the keeper of the Crystal. I’ve got a red and white tail, and glittering green eyes. My hair is bright red. I live in the middle of the ocean. All the other mermaids count on me and my pet dolphin Dolly to keep the Christmas Crystal safe.

I had just come back from breakfast at Shellfish Cafe when I saw the horrible sight. It was the day before Christmas, and the Crystal was gone!

“Tell me everything that happened,” I ordered Dolly. She looked scared.
“I turned away for a couple of seconds to say hi to Sophie, and when I turned back, it was gone.”
“We need to look for clues.” I rushed around, looking for bits of broken glass or tail prints.
“Nope. Nothing out of the ordinary,” I said sadly, when suddenly I saw it! Now, I know what you’re thinking. I didn’t see the Crystal, but I did see a clue. A BIG clue!

“Dolly! Come over here!” I ushered her to the back of the cave. “Look at this!” I pointed to a pile of squid ink.
Dolly and I looked at each other. “The Evil Sea Witch.” We frowned.

I should tell you about her. She wants to rule the ocean, so she would do anything to stop us. She has black, slimy legs, and big eeeevil eyes. She holds a magic sceptre in her front tentacle. “She must have used her sceptre to get the Crystal,” I reported.
Suddenly I saw a trail of squid ink. Then it hit me. “Dolly, she can make herself invisible, but not her ink!” I pointed at the black, slimy ink trail. Then, we heard a laugh. A big, violent evil laugh.
Then suddenly… “Watch out!” Whizz! Bang! Zap! Ouch!

I woke up, hours later in hospital. The nurse, Dolly and my mum were anxiously waiting. “I’ve got some bad news to tell you. You have broken your tail. You wont be able to swim for two weeks.”
“Two weeks? What about Dolly? What about Christmas? What about the Crystal?”
“I’ve got some bad news as well,” said Dolly. “I’ve lost my pouch. The bolt of lightning hit me too.”
I jumped up. Well, at least I tried to. “We have to find your pouch, fix my tail and save Christmas.” But my tail was in a plaster and I had to have crutches. I looked at my shell watch. “Come on, Dolly, we’ve already wasted half the day.” And I hobbled along to the cave.
“Be careful,” called the nurse.

When we arrived, I saw the trail almost straight away. “This way,” I called to Dolly.
When we reached the end of the trail, (or so we thought,) we were at a big, dark tunnel. We searched for more of the trail, but we couldn’t see anymore, so we just got the torch from my pouch and started into the tunnel.

Suddenly, “Which way?” We had come to three tunnels, all leading in different directions.
“How ’bout you shine the torch on the ground?” suggested Dolly. So I did. And I saw the trail. It hadn’t finished after all! It led to the left tunnel. So we went to the entrance.
“Ooohhh.” The passage was lit up with a strangely familiar green glow. Something had to be down there. I rushed forward, but Dolly stopped me.
“Remember what the nurse said.” I thought back to half an hour earlier. The words ‘be careful’ were the only words that came to my mind.
“I know. I will be,” and I started off into the tunnel.

When I reached the end, I saw an amazing sight! Dolly’s pouch and all the other things the Evil Sea Witch had zapped were on silk cushions in glass chambers, including a medicine to fix my tail! “Dolly, come here,” I said in a hushed voice. “Look at this!” Dolly swam up behind me. As soon as she saw her pouch, she swam up to its case and smashed the glass with a flick of her tail. Then she went and smashed all the other cases.
“Hey, Holly, over here.” She handed me the potion.
“Thanks.” I gulped it down straight away. My tail magically healed! Just as I was staring at my tail, all the other things flew out the door back to their rightful owners, including Dolly’s pouch! We looked at each other and grinned. But there was still one teeny, tiny problem.

“The Crystal!” Besides all the excitement, we had forgotten something important.
“Hey, look!” Dolly pointed to another tunnel. “It must be that way.” We looked down and saw the trail continuing out the doorway. I nodded to Dolly, and we started to the tunnel.
When we reached the end, we were face to face with the Evil Sea Witch. Behind her was the Crystal.
“Ssso,” she hissed. “You have made it thisss far. But you will never get passst me. Mwa ha ha ha!”
Dolly thought carefully, and then said “You never win if you don’t play fair. But if you change your ways and be nice to people, you might sometimes get what you want.”
“Yeah, like sometimes I ask my mum nicely for something, and I get it. But sometimes I say ‘I want that’ in a bossy voice and I never get it,” I said, backing Dolly up.
The Evil Sea Witch looked stunned and scared. “H-h-how b-b-brave of you t-t-to take me on l-l-like that,” she stammered. “I suppose it is kinda lonely. You have no friends, and you have no use for anything. So I have to say, I will change my ways. Here, have this.” She thrust the Crystal at me. “It’s no use to me.” Dolly and I cheered.
“From now on, you shall be known as ‘The Friendly Squid.'”
“Thanks,” was the only reply.

The end.

Oh my goodness. I’m dying here. Wow. I wonder how many gems like this are hidden away in my old writing books. This is going to be a fun segment if they are all like this.

I cannot believe myself. I was a strange child.


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