Day 117: Wall To Wall

Today was a public holiday, and I spent the day doing absolutely nothing. Yay me!

What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

Since I still live with my parents, I don’t choose what is on the walls in most of our house. But I get to choose everything that goes on my walls, so we’ll talk about that.

I used to have so much stuff on my walls. When I decided to repaint my room, it took me about half an hour to get everything off my walls. Drawings, postcards, random things from friends… Everything was on there. Now, I’m slightly more selective.

Alright. Starting from my door and going around clockwise, I will list the things that are on my walls.

•An Anne of Green Gables Christmas tree ornament that I got for Christmas
•A wooden thing with nine boxes inside a frame that holds ornaments
•A drawing that my friend did for me of a girl standing under a tree
•A blue clock that has a duck down the bottom, with eyes that move from side to side, since they are a pendulum
•A flower/friendship themed calendar
•Psalms 86:16-17 in Maori
•My bigger mirror
•A painting of tulips that I got for my tenth birthday
•A hanger thing that holds hairbrushes and that kind of thing
•A cat themed calendar
•A lamp
•My second place ribbon from cross country, the only sports ribbon that I’ve ever won
•A large poster saying NO OTHER NAME
•My DIY keyring holder, which is basically just a row of pins
•A post-it note with my to-do list from the holidays
•A small canvas with a painting of owls in a tree that u got for my birthday
•A pastel coloured, beach themed calendar
•Another wooden ornament holder, this time with a door on it
•A small flower quilt
•My other mirror, which is flower shaped
•A 3D picture of Salzburg, Austria, which I only got because it looked cool, not because I had any interest in Salzburg
•An animal cross stitch with my name and date of birth

Hmm. That’s still a lot of stuff. And a large variety of stuff as well.

What kind of mood am I trying to create? Well, this is my room. I see it far more than anyone else. I’ve spent probably around half of my lifetime in here. So the stuff on my walls is stuff that I see a lot. Anything that goes on my walls goes on there because it is something that I wouldn’t mind seeing everyday. I’m not trying to create a sophisticated look or a calm feel. I’m trying to create a space where I feel safe and at home and happy. Yes, a lot of the stuff that it up there is childish. But I don’t care. It is my space, my room, and it helps me to feel at home and safe. That cross stitch that I mentioned? That has been up there my whole life. The large mirror is the same, as is the hairbrush holder and the lamp. Everything else has come in over the years, and has been placed up there because I want to see it everyday. I want to see that ribbon and be proud of my achievements. I want to see the drawing and be reminded of how awesome my friends are. I want to see that Bible verse in Maori and be reminded of my faith in God. I want to see that mirror and be reminded of how I’ve changed, from the little girl with no friends and a weird haircut, to the person that I am today.

Well that was a bit of a rambling rant.


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