Day 68: VIP

Dang it. I was literally turning my tablet off and then I saw the WordPress icon.

Sorry if this is boring. I was about to go to bed, so I’m really tired.

Who’s the most important person in your life — and how would your day-to-day existence be different without them?

This answer may sound really cheesy, but I definitely have to say God.

My faith is not built up on historical knowledge or scientific reasoning, although some of that does come into play. The foundations of my faith come entirely from my own experiences with God and the things He has done for me.

I was having a bit of a debate with someone at school today. He’s this guy that I’ve known since year seven, and I just found out today that he’s an agnostic (I dunno how to explain it. Look it up if you don’t know what it is). And, me being a Christian, I was disagreeing with a lot of what he was saying about various different things. But there was one thing that I couldn’t stop thinking: how do you cope without God?

I mean, really? Serious question. I have been a Christian my whole life. I was baptized when I was twelve, which was entirely my decision. And while I’m definitely not saying that my relationship with God was, is, or ever will be, perfect, I definitely don’t know where I’d be without Him.

Actually, I do know. I’d be lying in the ground, dead.

Getting really serious here. I’ve struggled with depression. Quite a lot. It comes and goes. Right now, I’m all good. That could change at any minute. I don’t know. What I do know is that I wouldn’t have made it through without God.

During my lowest points, when I’ve just felt so horrible, God has been the only thing that I could cling to, the only thing that kept me alive. And for the people in the world that don’t have God, I don’t know how they do it. Part of me feels like commending them for trying to go through struggles and hardships alone. But the bigger part of me wonders why on earth they don’t allow God to make their lives so much better than it could be on their own.

Life isn’t easy. That is a fact. But with God by your, and my, side, it’s definitely doable.


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