Day 32: Flangiprop!

Invent a definition for the word “flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.

feeling so full after a large meal that you feel like you are going to pop

Yesterday was the big day. The big wedding. Although it wasn’t very big.

We had being preparing for this day for months. My best friend, Danielle, was marrying my twin brother, Peter, after they were together for years. We have always been the three amigos-Wendy, Peter, and Danielle, best friends since forever, and now the two of them were joining together to become Mr and Mrs O’Brien. I was beyond stoked for them. I love both of them so much, and their happiness means the world to me. The fact that they could be happy with each other made it even better.

The ceremony was a small, intimate affair. Just a few family and friends, held in the church that we grew up in. Peter looked rather handsome in his tux. I, as maid of honor, looked rather nice, if I do say so myself, in a light purple gown, with my hair done in a fancy up-do. But Danielle was the one that stole the show. She looked so beautiful in her flowing white dress. You should have seen the look on my brother’s face when he first saw her. I hope that Aidan looks at me like that when we get married in a few months.

Like I said, the ceremony was small, but beautiful and meaningful. There wasn’t a dry eye in the whole church.

But the reception was a completely different story. You see, Danielle is a baker, Peter is a chef, and I am a caterer. With a combination like that, you would expect the food to be absolutely amazing. And it was. The other chefs from Peter’s restaurant did a fantastic job, and Danielle’s apprentices also provided us with some excellent food. And the cake! It was huge! I can’t even begin to describe how marvellous it looked!

Let’s just say that by the end of the evening, everyone was extremely flangiprop. Myself included.

The wedding was perfect. It couldn’t have gone better. And I am so happy that the two of them finally tied the knot.

The only complaint I have? I definitely weigh a little more now than I did 48 hours ago.


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