Day 12: Take Two

Run outside. Take a picture of the first thing you see. Run inside. Take a picture of the second thing you see. Write about the connection between these two random objects, people, or scenes.

Today’s post is brought to you by lots of pictures.

So I went outside (in the rain, which there hadn’t been for ages), and I saw a flower.


Which looked kind of artistic, thanks to the rain. Although it was very difficult to get a photo since I couldn’t actually see the screen.

And then I went back inside and took a photo of the table.


Which doesn’t look very artistic. But oh well.

So I’m meant to find some kind of connection between a flower and a table.

First, there’s the obvious. You can put flowers on a table in a vase, as a place to keep them after they are gifted to you.


They can also be used as a more elaborate decoration,


Or as a simple, artistic piece on a table just to add a bit of colour to the room. Not that I know anything about art or what looks good, but hey, you can’t go wrong with tulips, so…


Then I started thinking more creatively. You can have tables shaped like or made to look like flowers.



Or even tables made out of flowers (how awesome is that?!).


And there’s also the trick of changing the spelling slightly and having flour on a table. It still links the two things.


After that, I was stumped. What other possible connection could flowers and tables have?

So I did what anyone would do in this situation. I phoned (well, messaged) a friend. And she came up with the genius connection of both of them coming from nature.

Let me explain. Tables (well, some of them) are wooden. Wood comes from trees, trees are plants, and so are flowers. Connection!

Both flowers and trees (aka tables) start with a seed. Maybe something like this:


Or something similar.

And then it will grow into just a small little sprout


And eventually, with a lot of time and all that important stuff that plants need (and a lot of seeds), you end up with something looking like this:


Which could be turned into a table. Maybe. I don’t know how that stuff works.

Or you could end up with something like this:


Isn’t that photo amazing? I could stare at it all day.

But that’s the connection between flowers and tables. They start small, but over time they grow and flourish, so that they can one day be admired and look so gorgeous with raindrops on them; or turned into something useful, something that brings a family together every night.

And I guess that’s a metaphor for a lot of things. Relationships with people. People themselves. Every single thing that has ever been invented, or every single book that has ever been written. Each one started with an idea, a tiny seed in someone’s mind. Over time that seed grew, until that idea, that dream, turned into a reality. And that’s what I want to do. I want to take this seed, this idea that I have about this girl called Sarah, and turn it into a book for people to enjoy and to learn from.

And it all starts with that tiny seed.


*Side note: other than the first two photos, I have no rights to any of these photos. I found them on Google images. That is all*


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